9. Menu Overview

Note! In order to access the Menu Management features, your profile must include that access level. Please submit a ticket for more information.

In this section:
9.1. Editing Menus
9.2. Create a New Menu
9.3. Duplicate a Menu

The menu editing system can be found on the left sidebar menu of your Dashboard, under Appearance > Customize.


A new sidebar will appear. Select Menus. Then select the menu you want to update, likely the Main Menu which is at the top of your website (the Footer Menu acts like a site map at the bottom of your website view).

The menu view displayed shows a vertical representation of what you see horizontally on the website.

There are three levels: Top Level, Sub Menu and the List Menu. The levels are visually represented by their indent location.

On the website the levels a similarly represented.
NOTE: You generally want to keep the number of items per level as follows:
TOP LEVEL = 6-9 (Make sure the labels on the Top Level or Main Menu bar are short!)