7.1. Add or Delete a Slide

Add a Slide

To add your own slide, create the slide image first using your own graphics software (ensure that the slide is 960px wide by 288px high). Refer to 3.11. Graphics Guidelines and 7.1. Slideshow Tips. Upload the slide to your Media as a new image and give it a tag of “slide”. You can also use one of the default Shared Slide Images.

  1. Within the Slideshow Manager, click on the image you wish to add from either Your Slide Images or from Shared Slide Images.
  2. Drag the image to the slideshow list and drop it in that region.
  3. Click Save Collection.
  4. A grey pen icon now appears next to the slide you just added. Click on it (it will turn yellow) and add a caption and URL to your slide. Enter the caption in the top box and the page to which it should link in the bottom box.
  5. Click the pen icon again. This saves your slide information.
  6. Click Save Collection. It is good to use Save Collection after each slide edit and not wait until you have edited all your slides.

Delete a Slide

  1. In the current slideshow, click and drag the slide you want to delete.
  2. Grab the slide image and drag it to either the Your Slide Images or Shared Slide Images box. The box will glow green when you hover over it. Drop the slide onto the box.
  3. Click the Save Collection button.