0. What’s New (17 Jan 2024)

Accessibility Module

The LibPress Manual now has a separate published area. See in the Main Menu above?

Note also that the Maple Public Library demo site contains information to review, such as plain language samples on various accessibility tools — see the Highlights.

Visual Changes

Please note that we are making changes to every site for accessibility best practices. In particular, your linked text will be underlined in order to make these access points more visible.


Please contact the LibPress Coordinator by submitting a ticket to get any of the following fixed:

  1. Images removed/broken: Many of the images in the shared content database were out of date and did not have alt text appended in the metadata. These have been removed and will result in a broken link image on your page. Please simply delete the image placement from your page.
  2. We are rolling out changes for accessibility purposes, so please note that your hyperlinks will now be underlined for greater visual differentiating. This is a good thing!
  3. Privacy terms are being updated regarding Website Terms of Use, and will be updated soon.