6. Events (TEC) Overview

In the default LibPress theme, Events are located by clicking on News & Events in the Main Menu. Here, the events are displayed in a list form, but patrons also have the option of switching the view to a full month view, or other views.

Note: Events Manager is a role now available for LibPress, which allows access to all events management including creation and editing (but restricts to only this area and not site-wide access). This may be useful to allow programming staff access to the site, especially for our new fee-based services of Community Calendar and Events Registration.

On this page:

  • Views of the events calendar that are available
  • Overview of Dashboard options
  • Optimizing your Events Administration views (finding your Events List or Series List view on the Dashboard really confusing? Check the tips below!)

In this section:

Views available for public

This list can be customized for your LibPress site, ie. we can remove a view available for the public if you don’t find it useful:

  • List: Displays events in a chronological list by event start date.
  • Month: Displays events in a traditional calendar grid.
  • Summary: Events are displayed as a quick overview of upcoming events and shows the title, date, and time of each event
  • Week: Events are displayed for a specific week.
  • Photo: Events are displayed in a tiled grid.

Overview of Dashboard Options

Events – Go to list of events.

Add New – Click here to enter a new event!

Tags – Where you can manage tags, but they can also be added on the Add New page. Best practice is to use Categories for higher level categorization such as Kids, and tags are for more general use that would apply across the whole site. (For instance if you were to have several types of content on your site pertaining to “legal” topics, all these could be compiled into one search including any to do with legal events, such as talks on mortgages or wills etc.

Event Categories – Categories can be important for filtering events based on audience, eg. Kids, Seniors, Community, Author Club. You can apply more than one Category to an Event. NEW: This field can be added to the Main Menu! 

Venues – Manage your locations if you have several branches, outreach, or meet at the park! Any information added, such as address, will be included on the event page. NEW: This can be used to link all events in a Main Menu item!

Organizers – If your staff lineup changes, you can manage this here. Any information added, such as contact details, will be included on the event page. NEW: Can be added to the Main Menu if you wanted to highlight events by a regular performer!

Import – Could import other calendars through this function. Problems can arise, however…

Do you have an issue with duplicate Venues and Organizers? Contact support for help!

Optimizing your Events Administration views

If you find that there is too much information on your Events list views, and you would like to remove some columns that you don’t find useful, click on the “Screen Options” at the top right hand corner of your Dashboard view. You can select which columns to be displayed.

For instance, if your LibPress site does not use Tags, remove this column from view by checking that box.