5.4. Third-Party Services

While some LibPress members subscribe to third-party programs, such as Niche Academy,  there are security issues of adding what is called “unrestricted html.” Vendors for these products or services may state that integration with a website is easy to do… however due to the security issues, LibPress must be consulted before subscribing to third-party programs.

Please see 5.5 Embeds Service for a fee-based service that allows certain white-listed 3rd party services to be implemented into your LibPress site.

Sitka’s Evergreen and 3rd Party Services

Please contact Co-op Support before you subscribe to a 3rd party product that you would like to integrate into your website, and that will authenticate with Sitka’s Evergreen.  Please allow ample time for us to perform the work and due diligence to determine if the product can be integrated with LibPress. There is a survey that must be completed so Co0op staff can assess whether this service or product can be securely authenticated–Libraries should expect the assessment to take 3-6 months.