5.4. Third-Party Services

Please contact Co-op Support before you subscribe to a 3rd party product that you would like to integrate into your website.  Please allow ample time for us to perform the work and due diligence to determine if the product can be integrated with LibPress.

Some LibPress members subscribe to third-party programs. Often the vendors for these programs state that the code necessary to integrate their plugins with your library site is very easy to do… however there are security issues of adding what is called “unrestricted html.” For this reason, and particularly because our LibPress theme runs across so many library sites, LibPress must be consulted before subscribing to third-party programs.

If there are a significant number of members who subscribe to a particular program, as with Niche Academy, LibPress will consider creating the ability to incorporate that program’s coding to work with the website.

However, please note that for any third-party programs not already considered by LibPress, that Site Managers will not be able to add the necessary HTML code themselves. LibPress *might* be able to do this for you, however this should be a one-time input on the part of LibPress–as if the page should be edited and resaved, the code will be stripped out. Therefore the Site Manager should carefully consider how to embed the code; a suggestion is to have an explanatory page that can be edited that includes a link to the page that will remain static with the one-time inserted code.

Big Tip: Keep a copy of the code in your own files in case it needs to be resent to us! Best to copy into a text only editor program like TextEdit or Notepad.

Contact us for details!