6.1. Add & Update Events

Viewing Events

Login to your Dashboard and click on Events in the left sidebar. You’ll see all of your Events listed, similar to your Pages view. NEW: Manager view will show all your events in a calendar or chronological list form–this is great to find an event to modify!



Adding an Event – Fields

Click on Add New at top of page–you’ll be directed to an Add New Event input page.

Note especially the Featured Image description below! That’s what you should use for your event-related images.

    1. Title: Enter a descriptive but short Title – this will be the main content when displayed in list form.
    2. Description: Enter an event summary in the next box.
    3. The Events Calendar: Enter the details
      • Time & Date
      • Event Series – optional setting to schedule recurring events (see Section 6.2.)
      • Location (Optional) – choose from the list or enter a new location here
      • Organizers (Optional) – choose from the list or enter a new organizer here
      • Event Website (Optional) – where an external website can be listed related to the event.
    4. Publish: Same as Page publishing, can be set to Pending Review or Draft
    5. Tags:  Tags work across the site as a whole to bring various contents together, such as Legal.
    6. Event Categories: Categories are used for filtering broad groups of events, such as Kids, Storytime, Holiday (general or closure events). If your site makes use of filtering for different audiences, be sure to capture that here!
    7. Event Options: Applying “Feature Event” here means that your event will be flagged as a Feature in the list views, to highlight it from regular series.
    8. Events Status: Default is Scheduled, but if you need to set the event to Postponed or Canceled, your event will include this in red font in the list views and on the events page itself.
    9. Featured Image: Most libraries use a square across all social media and this can be set as a featured image. This is how you will add your images to the events, so that the thumbnail of the image will show up in the various views. Best practice: Do not create text-heavy images as this will not be readable when in thumbnail form, and it is also not accessible for screen readers. Create icon-like images instead.

Updating Events

If you need to postpone or cancel a meeting–don’t delete your event as this won’t let your audience know about the change!

  • Add a message to the top of your event to let them know the details of the change.
  • Use the Events Status feature to mark the Event listing as Cancelled or Postponed.
  • If you have a change of Venue, simply add that to the title, eg. Moved Online – Mother Goose Storytime