8.4. Sidebar Infotiles

Note! Are you adding a sidebar where none existed before and it isn’t working? Contact us! We may need to set it up for your site again.

These widgets are created in a similar way to pages. They are not organized within the navigation structure, but you can link to other pages from these widgets. By assigning the specific category and tag “infotile” to the widget, it becomes visible on all inner pages, below the Sitka New Items Carousel (if it’s enabled on a particular inner page).

  1. Create/Add a New Page.
  2. Add the content blurb that you would like to appear in the sidebar of every inner page.
  3. Add a single category to the page: infotile. Add a single tag to the page: infotile.
  4. Click Publish.









The new widget will now appear on the right-hand side of all pages.

To find all pages that are in use as inner page widgets,

  1. Go to your Dashboard and click on Pages in the left-hand menu.
  2. In the View All Categories drop-down menu, select infotile.
  3. Click Filter.

Note: Keep in mind that the widgets are displayed in a narrow region on the right side of each page. Try to keep your image sixe to less than 300px in width. Any text you have will wrap within the widget box.