4.3. Subject Guides

Shared / Centralized Content is perfect for Subject Guides, so that all LibPress sites can access great curated lists of information. The following guides are generally available in both BC and MB versions (indicated in the Shared Text Preview dropdown appended with -BC or -MB)

Easily create a Subject Guide for your Library

This content is designed so that you can easily insert a shortcode into a LibPress page, and add your own local content just above this to feature digital resources that you have that may complement the subject. For instance, on the Genealogy & Family History page, describe the relevant resources that you have at your library and community at the top – access to Ancestry Library edition, special archives in your library or community museum/archives, etc.

Quick instructions:

  • Create a new page, add a Title, and assign the Parent page (in the Page Attributes box found at the right hand side) to match the page that has the list of all your guides (these may be called Information by Subject, Subject Guides, or Explore A Topic).
  • Scroll down to find the Shared Text Preview area in a box – Search this list of shared content to find the Subjects… pick the one you want (note that there may be pages specifically for either BC or MB), and check the box — save your page now and the shortcode will be added to the Page Description area.
  • Customize the content with local information before the shortcode.
  • Update the list on your Subject Guides page so that the guide can be found by your staff and patrons!

Note! To improve these resources and keep them up-to-date–we need your help! Please contact us if you see any problems such as defunct organizations or broken links, and also let us know if you’ve found something great to add. And, if you have recommendations for new Subject Guides, also let us know! libpress@bc.libraries.coop

See Maple Public Library (BCLC Demo site)- Information by Subject for full views. Note that this only represents the BC versions where available. MB page tbd.

  • Anti-Racism NEW
  • Business Websites
  • Career and Job Websites
  • Citizenship & Newcomers UPDATED
  • Climate Change NEW 2023
  • Consumer Information NEW 2023
  • eMagazines
  • Emergency Info & Preparedness (BC only) NEW
  • Employment (Mb only – should be merged with Career & Job Websites)
  • Genealogy & Family History UPDATED AND EXPANDED
  • Government Websites (BC only)
  • Health Websites
  • Indigenous Peoples NEW
  • Learn Online NEW
  • Legal Information Online (BC only) NEW
  • Legal Websites (out of date?)
  • Libraries & Challenged Books – NEW
  • Literacy & Struggling Readers NEW
  • Misinformation & Fake News NEW
  • Recommended Reading (BC only, make this general for both)
  • Resources for People with Disabilities (stub – needs work)
  • Travel (needs editing)
  • Wills & Estate Planning NEW