8.2a. Booklists Coding

If you find that your Carousels are not displaying the expected titles, please review these cataloguing details. If everything seems correct, please submit a ticket — we may need to refresh the carousel code.

Editing MARC in Evergreen Staff Client

Fixed Field Example

The Giver quartet by Lois Lowry – barcode 35246000832277 at Fort Nelson.

  • Will be retrieved by the Teen Fiction criteria because it has values for Type: a, Form: r, Audn: d and LitF 1.
  • This record’s Date Active timestamp falls on 2014-09-11 12:10 PM which will place it in October’s Teen Fiction list (see below).

Booklist Builder Criteria

  • LibPress booklists rely on two groups of metadata to be populated: fixed field values in the 008 that feed into Evergreen’s search filters as well as the date a bib record became active (changed status to Available) in a particular catalogue.
  • Often times one or more fixed field values will be incorrect or not filed (namely Audn) and will return no recent records, leading to empty lists.

Currently a bug is preventing space values for Form from being indexed in EG, these should be catalogued with r (print production) to ensure they are added to lists properly.

Fixed Field (008) Values

Book List Item Type (Type) Audience (Audn) Item Form (Form) Literary Form (LitF)
Adult Fiction a, t e, g r, space or no code* 1, f, j
Adult Non-fiction a, t e, g r, space or no code* 0, e, i, s
Adult Large Print a, t e, g d
Adult DVD g e, g
Adult Music j e, g
Teen Fiction a, t d r, space or no code* 1, f, j
Teen Non-fiction a, t d r, space or no code* 0, e, i, s
Juvenile Fiction a, t j, b, c, a r, space or no code* 1, f, j
Juvenile Non-fiction a, t j, b, c, a r, space or no code* 0, e, i, s
Juvenile DVD/CD g, j j, b, c, a

*No code is represented as a bar character: |

Active Date

Find the Active Date by going to the Holdings Editor (click on Item Table and find your library’s copy, then click on View or Edit)















  • Date Active must occur within the last month to be included in the current month’s lists.
    Note: if fewer than 8 items were added in the last month, the Booklist Builder will retrieve items from the previous 3 months.  These appear in the drop-down carousel selector menu as “Boosted” lists.
  • For example, items with a Date Active timestamp that falls in August will appear in the New Items list for September.
  • Date Active is set when the Status of a record changes to Available for the first time.