8.2. Carousels

Carousel not displaying expected items? ReviewBooklists Coding help..

Sitka Carousel

If your library uses Sitka’s Evergreen as your integrated library system, you can add a carousel of items that have recently been catalogued by your library. The carousel will display items added in the previous month, or the previous several months if cataloguing is done infrequently.

Note: Items display in the Sitka carousels based on the item’s active date in Evergreen and the values in the 008 field in the item’s MARC record.  A table showing the values used by the different carousels can be found on the BC Libraries Cooperative website.  If expected items do not appear in your carousel check to ensure the correct values have been entered in the 008 field.  If they still do not appear please contact Support. If the carousel is displaying some, but not all of the expected titles, there may be an issue with the bibliographic records your items are attached to. Please refer to https://bc.libraries.coop/support/libpress/libpress-booklists/

  1. Create a new Highlight (see Section 8.1. Highlight Management)
  2. One or more carousels can be added to the Highlight by adding a shortcode that look like [sitka_carousel type="adult_fiction"]. Other options include:

    adult_fiction (Default)

Adding a Carousel to a Sidebar

  • Go to the Edit screen for the page on which you wish to add a Sitka carousel.
  • One or more carousels can be added to the page by adding a shortcode (as above).


Overdrive Carousel

Use Overdrive short code in the body text.  [overdrive_carousel]Your LibPress site will know whether to link to Library to Go (BC) or eLibraries (Manitoba)

The Overdrive carousel can now display specific types of content, such as ebook, magazine, and audiobook.

  • [overdrive_carousel formats="magazine"]
  • [overdrive_carousel formats="ebook,audiobook"]


Bibliocommons Carousel

Submit a ticket requesting a Bibliocommons carousel, and where you would like it to appear on your site (ie. Home Page Highlight or Sidebar).

Note: By default all Bibliocommons carousels are of recently reviewed items.  If you would like to display a different set of items contact your Bibliocommons representative to find out what the options are and then provide Co-op Support with the code they provide you.