6.3. Editing a Series

Breaking out an event from a series…

While in your Dashboard view, click on Events in the left bar to view all your events listed.

To alter only one event in a series…

  • Navigate to the particular event on the  date you wish to break out, and hover over the title.
  • Click on Edit Single. A message will appear warning you that you will be breaking out that instance of the event from the series. Continue!
  • Then edit as needed, such as Events Status.

Or, to edit all the following in a series…

  • In your listing of events, locate the event where you want to split up.
  • Hover over the title of this event and look for the Edit Upcoming link.
Screenshot of the "Edit Upcoming" link

Click this link to confirm that you’d like to split your recurring events at this location. You’ll see a pop-up dialog box confirming the change before it is processed. (This is an example, the box contents may not be the same as this as it updates regularly)

Dialog box that appears when splitting an event series in two

Click OK to confirm, and your recurring events will be split at this event.

When might splitting your recurring events in this manner be useful? Let’s say you have an event that runs for a whole year. It happens every Friday at 7pm. Then, about four months into the year, things change, and the event gets shifted back to 8pm every Friday. For example, if the change is going into effect on April 1st, you could go to the April 1st event and use the Edit Upcoming feature to make this event and every event after it start at 8pm instead of 7pm.


Limits and Troubleshooting

Note from Christine: Some trickier dealings may not work, such as changing a bi-weekly event to a weekly event. In this case it may be best to start over with a new event listing, and deleting the older instances – feel free to contact me for help.