3.6. Tables

Note! Tables should only be used when presenting data and not for display purposes – this causes issues with screen readers used by persons with visual disabilities.

To insert a table:

  1. Click the Table button in the second row of icons of the Visual Editor.
  2. You can insert a table or edit an existing table. This functionality is similar to that of MS Word. When you initially insert the table, it may be visually compressed on the left side. Just use one of the corner boxes to stretch out the table so you can access in individual cells.

    Fig. 1 – Example showing the insertion of a 3 column, 4 row table.

  3. You can also merge cells in rows or columns. Table>Cell>Merge cells.

    Fig. 2 – Example of merging six cells vertically in the 4th column.

  4. You can also add and remove rows and columns under the same menu. Just place the cursor in the cell next to a row or column you want to add. From the menu you have the option of placing it before or after the current cursor location.
  5. You can also delete the entire table from the same menu.

NOTE: When inserting a Shared Media image into a table cell, the image will initially appear at the bottom of the page. Just cut and paste it into the correct cell.

NOTE: If you don’t see the second row of icons including the Insert Table button, just click the Toggle Toolbar button on the right of the current toolbar to open the second row of buttons.