1.3. Site User Permissions

Usually there would only be one site manager to oversee management of the site, however when it would be useful to have other staff participate in the website there are other permissions that can be granted:

  • Editor – Basic access given for adding or editing content (ie. pages/posts/highlights/events/images, etc).
  • Site Manager – All access as Editor, but also various settings and Matomo statistics (see Section 11).
  • Menu Manager – This role, in addition to Site Manager, will grant access to the menu management in both the Customizer (see Section 10) and the Dashboard interface.
  • Appearance Manager – Role applied to all previous roles that will allow access to the Customizer (Section 10), including colours/logos/backgrounds, as well as LibPress specific settings, as well as Events Calendar and Custom CSS.

Note to BCLC Support:

When creating a new user, or adding capabilities to an existing user, please add all applicable in order of above.