2.1 Title and Volume Holds

Holds can be placed using the Place Hold link in the search results view or on the title details page. Using either of these links means that any copy attached to the record will fill your hold. This is generally the best method when requesting a book, as your hold will be filled by any copy of the title record you are viewing.If you want a specific issue of a magazine or a specific DVD in a set, you can select to place a Volume hold in the item details view just below.If you are not already logged into your account you will be prompted to login. If your library is multi-branch or participates in reciprocal borrowing you can chose your pickup location. You may choose to be notified by phone, text message, or email. The phone number set up and email in your account will automatically show up. If you select the Yes, by phone or Yes, by text checkbox, you can supply a different phone number for this hold only. The notification method will be selected automatically if you have set it up in your account preferences. However, you may choose your method on this screen, overriding any default set up in your account.Once you have clicked Submit a message will appear confirming your hold was sucessfully placed or indicating that your hold could not be placed.You can view and cancel a hold at anytime. Before your hold is captured, which means an item has been held waiting for you to pick it up, you can edit, suspend or activate it. You need to log into your account to do this.